Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas and Sick Children

I think my children are spoiled! They just had their birthdays, and now we are celebrating Christmas. I am just so incredibly thankful that we received clothes for their birthday-otherwise, Regan and I would need to move to a different house. :)

Unfortunately, Darby started the Holiday season out with ear infections and a cold. Next thing we knew, Scout ended the Holiday season with ear infections and a cold. Go figure, right? When one gets sick, they all get sick.

Even though they weren't feeling well, Christmas was very special. We spent time with the family-allowing Darby and Scout to play with their cousins.

Darby got a bike and art easel for Christmas. Scout got some toy that shoots balls out, and a very cool music block toy. However, Darby is in the "mine" stage. So, one would think Darby got everything, and poor Scout received nothing for Christmas. Ha! Both children also received a savings bond from their Grandma. College, here we come!

I think my favorite memories of this Christmas will be:

1. Darby and Scout finger-painting on the wrapping paper with finger paints.
2. Darby's expression when he saw the presents Christmas morning.
3. Scout unwrapping presents better than Darby.
4. Darby's photo with his cousins.
5. Getting no rest/sleep over the break.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Darby's 1st Haircut

Thanks to Aunt Jennifer, and all her many talents, Darby was able to get his first haircut.

As many of you know, Darby was starting to grow a rat tail-yikes! Regan thought it was super cool and wanted to leave it alone. But of course, I out voted him.

Once his hair was cut, Darby was so proud!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scout's 1st Birthday

Well, Scout turned 1.

I have just realized how ridiculious things are going to be as the kiddos get older. Regan's birthday is October 30th, Darby's birthday is November 13th, Scout's birthday is December 13th, and then Christmas approaches-soon after.

Oh well, such is life.

Scout had a fabulous birthday celebration with her Aunt Susie. The two of them had a marvelous time. Scout enjoy her cake more than Darby did on his first birthday. She also loved her balloons and tissue paper. She threw a fit when I took the tissue paper away, but I couldn't keep letting her eat the tissue paper-could I?

I must admit though, the cake turned out GREAT! I love making cupcake cakes. It's so easy and fun.