Thursday, January 29, 2009

The ICE has melted!

Even though school was canceled today, I decided to go ahead and go anyway.  There is work to be done!  So, today was great!  The kids went to daycare, Regan worked on National Boards, and I worked on the yearbook.

Today was productive!  

After we got home and the kids were up from their nap, we decided to bundle them up and enjoy the final day off from work.  Our neighbors have all these cool toys, so we took Darby and Scout "sledding" down the sidewalk.

Darby was sad when we told him it was time to go inside.  Although it was nice being home, it will be nice to go to work tomorrow!  I am sure my students are thinking the same thing right now.  Ha!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Icy Oklahoma Part 2

Awe. The wonderful things about Oklahoma. Just last week, we took the kids to the park. Now-we are trapped inside our house waiting to see when we can escape. :)

I must admit though, it has been nice. The kids and I stayed in our pajamas until noon. We have been running around and playing, reading books, working with letters, watching Einstein, etc.

Sometimes, we would get interrupted by Scout doing something she is not suppose to be doing. Ex. playing with electronics, eating dog food, or putting Darby's small-letter magnets in her mouth. Of course, when we scold her the world has ended. I can honestly say, she is living up to her name...Scout (*TKAM*).

After naps, we dressed the kids up and took them outside. Scout loved the cool breeze on her face, but when she put her hands on the ground...she changed her mind and was ready to go back inside. Darby was ready to go back inside once he stepped outside. He likes warm weather.

AND OF COURSE, we are out again tomorrow. This makes me extremely nervous for the yearbook! I just hope we can finish in time!

Icy Oklahoma = busted backs

When I arrived to school yesterday (Monday), buzz already filled the air that school might be canceled today (Tuesday). I must admit that I had my doubts. However, when 7th hour approached and only 6 students showed up for class. I knew it was getting bad outside.

When the day ended, I gathered my things to leave. Once I walked outside, I started sliding. I had the option to defrost my car, but I decided that would take too long. Therefore, I decided to walk home with Stephanie (my neighbor). Of course, I was in heels-after all I was dressed for school. I made it home safely, just to fall in my yard. Thankfully, I fell in the grass and no harm was done.

Once I made it in the house, I changed clothes and walked back outside just to slip on our stairs... We have three steps, and I slid down each one-hitting back along the way. I know it looked extremely funny! However, I was in an enormous about of pain. Regan has been Mr. Mom, allowing me to rest. He is the greatest!

I am grateful I only have swelling and bruising. It could have been worse!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Up and Down

Everyday-all day. "Up and down."

Darby's favorite song, even after a month is Hot n Cold by Katy Perry.  You would think he would move on to something different, but no.  If we play music, see a music video, or turn on the computer he asks to hear up and down.  Every once in awhile I will catch myself singing the song-even though I am tired of the song.

What a ham!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Daddy and Daughter time/Mother and Son time

Friday could not have come fast enough!  Other than caring for the children-feeding, changing, bathing, etc.-I don't want to move.  I just want to relax and enjoy my PJs.

So far, this Friday evening has been very enjoyable.  I was able to spend the evening with Rachel and her two beautiful daughters.  Darby enjoyed playing with the multitude of toys, and he was awed by the glowing planets and stars in Laura's room.

Scout spent the evening with her daddy, eating limes at On the Border with Ryan and Sara.  It might be bad for her teeth, but she sure loves sucking the juice.

They played so hard this evening, they went to bed without a fight.  Now, we're just crossing our fingers-maybe they won't wake up until 7:00 am.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy Week.

This week has been extremely busy!  I am just thankful I was able to have some girl time at Friday's before the week started.  ~~~Thanks, Deirdre and Kristy!

I am trying to create lesson plans every night to stay caught up.  My poor yearbook kiddos are working double to try and meet their deadline, and Regan's National Board deadline is slowly creepy closer.  Needless to say, we are doing what we can to be in bed before midnight.

Although we are trying to adjust to our busy schedules, we are finding time together-enjoying each other and our children.

Scout is getting cuter and cuter by the minute.  She wants so badly to do everything her big brother does, and she hates being left out of-anything!

Darby finally allows Regan to read him books before bed at night.  YEAH!  Goodnight Moon is their favorite book.  We love Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sara for a non-noise making toy!  Scout sits for a moment, until she realizes she would rather be mobile than hear a story.

Life may be super crazy right now, but everyday brings new memories.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is what Mr. Killackey has been up to this week.  Wait until it downloads and start the news cast at 4:38.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Learning to Share

Our kids get along fairly well-for the most part. Like most children, they have their battles and fight over the same toy or book. Actually, whatever toy Scout starts to play with, Darby automatically wants to have in his possession.

At first, it is really cute watching Darby take a toy away from Scout. At first, she would just cry and kick her legs. Now, she realizes she has the power to fight back.

What this might look like if you where to observe:

  • Scout picks up a ball.
  • Darby puts down his book and snatches the ball from Scout.
  • He also proceeds to announce to the room that the ball is in fact "his" toy.
  • Scout starts to cry...but-oh...wait.
  • She then follows Darby, takes the toy back-rather aggressively , and then smacks Darby.
  • If we are in the room, she turns to us and smiles to show us her triumph.

Cute, huh?

Even though it may be cute, we are trying to teach our children to have manners. Thus, they need to learn how to share. Darby knows that when he does something wrong, it requires an apology followed by a hug and kiss. He is a pro at this game! Sometimes those hugs and kisses end up in a tackle.

Today, I could tell we have been making progress. Consistency really does pay off with children. Corey and Katy came over to visit, and Darby was showing them how one of his toys worked. When sissy came to get a ball so she could play, he started to go and take the ball away from her. Yet, once he made eye contact with us, he backed off and let her play with the ball. However, he did let us know that the balls where "his."

We are learning to share-so, now we have to work on the word, "mine."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Radio Flyer

Long weekends are the best. We never have to set the alarm clock. The kids can crawl into bed with us. Darby starts shouting, "Mommy, get up." Then he starts to pull the covers off us to make sure we are getting out of bed.

The weekends allow us time to cook breakfast and eat as family-twice a day, rather than once. There is no rushing to get out of our PJs. Instead we get to enjoy the morning, watching our children learn, discover, and play.

Darby's new enjoyment is playing "light saber" with his color wonder markers. We have started introducing Star Wars, and he love the scenes with the light sabers.

Scout is fascinated with shoe laces. Somehow she manages to get all tangled up and starts to panic. Why do we have toys?

It was such a nice day today, so we decided to load the kiddos up in the Radio Flyer and have a picnic in the park.

The kiddos played so well, and Scout loved the slide. She also enjoyed walking up to other children and just observing them. It was quite funny. Darby fell asleep in the wagon on the way home. It looked like we had a bundle of clothing sitting next to Scout.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Life just keeps flying right by...

January 15th, was a GREAT day for our family. It was Karen's (Regan's mom) birthday, my first day teaching at Central Middle School, and Regan's V-day. That's right...V-day. Regan had surgery and got a vasectomy. Finally! Hopefully, the procedure worked. I am OK with having no more surprises. Two wonderful surprises are enough. Our neighbors brought Regan balloons to celebrate the occasion, and they provided dinner for us the next night. We live in the best neighborhood!

Yes-yes. I did say a new job as well. I know-this is the 3rd job in a year. However, when I was working at Mercy, it was only temporary. It was a GREAT job, but I couldn't stay. Then I was hired on Harding Fine Arts Academy as the Director of Admissions. I absolutely fell in love with the people and position! I really had no intention of leaving or quitting. However, I got a phone call from Central Middle School (less than a block away from my house), and they offered me the Multimedia Exploration and Yearbook position. Of course, I had to take the job. I could not give up this opportunity to teach in Edmond! I was nervous about middle school, because I have always done high school. However, I LOVE my kiddos!!! Especially my 6th graders!

My friend Dierdre made me laugh, because she mentioned all the change I have been through in a very short amount of time. It has been change, but I am so grateful and thrilled to be where I am now. I will miss HFAA, but thankful to be here.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Day at the Park

Oklahoma is hit and miss. Some days it can be freezing, and other days it is so nice outside. Well, we decided to take advantage of this nice day, and we took the kids to the park in their red wagon. Darby loved being outside! He was so excited he climbed right into his wagon and was ready to go before we had our shoes on our feet.

Darby's motor skills are improving. He is learning how to climb bars and how to use his upper body strength to climb up a slope. Sometimes he gets stuck, and he needs a little push-which happens to be quite a workout.

Scout loves the swing! I think she could stay in the swing for hours. Once we were getting ready to leave, she threw a temper tantrum, because I had to take her out of the swing. At least she's a girl who knows what she wants. Right?