Friday, February 6, 2009

Wow-what a busy week!

It has been awhile since I last posted anything, but we have been incredibly busy now that everything is back to "normal."

Regan has been working hard on National Boards, and I am trying to get this Yearbook finished-on time!  Meanwhile, the kiddos have been relieving the stress by acting silly and interacting with each other.  Regan and I just sit and watch them-they are so adorable.

When we do have free time, we like to play the Wii.  Darby enjoys watching us bowl, and Scout always wants to sit on the Wii Fit board.  So, Wednesday when we asked Darby if he wanted to go bowling-he immediately went to turn on the TV.  However, our neighbor was having his birthday at a REAL bowling alley.  Of course, Darby was confused until we actually arrived and walked into the bowling alley.  The gloves were off, and away he went.

He never really cared about knocking the pins over.  He just wanted to roll the ball down the lane-every time.  It is very difficult explaining *turns* to a two-year-old.   Scout just enjoyed walking around and running away from everyone she knew.  If we would pick her up, she would fight us to get back down and run.

Thursday night, I had to put in a long day at work and take photos of the basketball games (4 to be exact).  So, I decided to walk home and have Darby and Steph (my neighbor's daughter) come with me.  He LOVED being at the game: playing, running, getting his head stuck between the bars...Yes, at one point my son was the child that got his head stuck in-between the bars.  Yes, I said in-between the bars.  I thought that only happened in the movies?!?!   

Once we finished with photos, I let Darby run around in the school halls.  You would have thought he had died and gone to Heaven.  I got a kick out of watching him act so silly and writing all over my board.

Scout stayed home with daddy.  She was healing from her surgery-tubes.  Maybe this means Regan and I will finally get some sleep.