Saturday, March 28, 2009

National Boards finished with Shark Tunnel Celebration and family trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo

We missed last week due to our heavy load of activity. I apologize for those whom take the time to peek into our lives for a bit. So I worked on my NBCT portfolio all during Spring Break. I did not realize that the organizing, labeling, and shipping process would be such a laborious task. I speak not in hyperbole when I say it was much more than laborious. I could give you the exciting details about rubrics, pagination, and candidate identification numbers, but I will spare you. I did finish the damn thing by Saturday March 21st at around 1am after working on it since 9am the previous day. But, needless to say the albatross is no longer around my neck so after some sleep we packed up the family and headed to Jenks, Oklahoma for a night with Grandma Delilah and a day at the Oklahoma Aquarium!! The kids fell in love with this place while petting the manta-rays and literally walking through a shark farm. They squealed and ran when signs said otherwise. Scout climbed up on the ledges to the exotic fish display and stood mesmerized then quickly tried to cary on a conversation with a playful lion-fish. Here are some pics to give you a sense of what the kids got into...

After we returned to Edmond, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jennifer, Cousin Aiden, and Cousin Taylor traveled from Arkansas to spend their Spring Break at Papa and Mimi's house; therefore, at trip to the zoo was in order.  HOWEVER, when Monday, March 23rd rolled around, we had to document my finishing the year's most challenging obstacle.

Then it was off to the Oklahoma City Zoo!  I have truly never seen so many animals enjoying the cool Oklahoma weather.  (it is now snowing as I type this--by the way)  It is also official---my daughter's head has grown large--literally.  Check out the mellon on this kid!  "Look at that heed!"

Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Patrick's Day 2009

After a morning of editing, our Irish blood was screaming for sunshine and green beer. We packed up the kids and headed downtown to partake in the St. Patrick's Day block party deal. The kids stunned audiences as they walked in and out of groups of people interrupting conversations. My favorite was Scout trying to hangout with a couple of redneck biker men. The kids wondered and danced as I downed my emerald Budlight and Elanna snapped shots with her sophisticated Nikon. After watching terrible music (I guess they save the better Irish bands for later in the evening), we discovered that the most exciting area of downtown is the myriad gardens.

Darby and Scout were fascinated with the tree blossoms filling the nearby fountain so naturally we gathered handfuls and tossed them into the water. The kids were so attracted to the water that the temptation to jump in and begin swimming was just too great. We snatched them up to see how they would fare with sprinting down the steep grassy knoll that surrounds the crystal bridge. Darby navigated the terrain while Scout tried to run, got tripped up with the angle, and did a face-plant that left scratches across her cheek!! She wailed only for a moment. She is tough...

We concluded our festivities by having a Mexican family feast at Chelinos. Nothing better than celebrating a time honored Irish holiday by chowing-down on some cheese Enchiladas washed down by a cold Dos Equis. I believe that Darby and Scout's genetic composition-Irish and Hispanic-enjoyed our celebration more than we did.

Spring Break is almost over, and today is my final day for finishing, labeling, and packing my National Board Portfolio!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I am starting to get stir-crazy, and this is only Monday of spring break.

Today has been awful for potty training.  Darby keeps having accidents, but he tells me when he needs to poop.  He likes to poop on the potty.  How can the first few days be great, and today fall apart?
Suggestions???  I guess I should be thankful.  Pee is easier to clean up than poop.

I keep telling myself I have four-five more days to work on this.  I have also decided that Scout can keep her pacifier.  She only uses it when she sleeps anyway.  Can you tell I am questioning myself here...

Regardless of the five accidents today, we have had some fun.

Scout wants to ride her bike like everyone else.

Poor Darby.  He is not that coordinated.  

Darby is a much better artist.

Awe.  I love when they play well together.

Seriously? Who colors like this???

Maybe potty training will go better tomorrow!  Wish us luck.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I hope the entire week is this beautiful.  The weather is awesome!

Today started off very nice.  I honestly thought potty training Darby was going to be extremely easy after yesterday.  However, I can tell it is going to be more difficult than I thought.

By mid-morning Darby had already had his first accident.  He always tells me when he pee pees, after he pees.

We had a birthday party this afternoon at the bowling alley.  This was our third birthday party in one month, and they have all been at the bowling alley.  By now, Darby could be in a league.  Haha!

Darby doesn't need our help to get the bowling ball.

If he does fall, he just rolls the ball where it needs to go.

Darby gets so excited to watch the bowling ball go down the lane.  He could care less if it knocks over pins.

Scout just enjoys watching everything.

I decided to chance it, and take Darby in his big boy underwear.  He actually surprised me-no accidents!  Of course, I did have to take him to the potty (without him telling me he needed to pee).

When we got back home, I put the kiddos down for a nap.  When Darby woke up, he looked at me and said, "I go poo poo."  I checked him-no poop.  So, we rushed to the toilet, pulled down our pants, and pushed.  Kerplunk.  Yep, Darby pooped in the potty!  YEAH!!!  We gave him 3 M&Ms for that accomplishment.

We went out to dinner, and Darby made it threw the entire meal with no accidents.  When we made it home he got in trouble for hitting his sister.  You guessed it-like a dog.  He was put in time out and peed in time out.  yeah...(lighthearted).  Oh well, at least he pooped in the potty.  We can work on peeing in time out later.  For now, it's bed time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


After going to bed the night before around 9:00 p.m., we woke up this morning to see snow falling from the sky.  That is correct, I said snow.  Of course, it was so warm outside that once the snow landed it looked like rain.  In fact, when I told Darby it was snowing he corrected me, "No mama.  It's raining."

After eating breakfast we decided it was time to start the task and really work with Darby.  The time has come-he needs to start learning to pee and poo in the potty.  So once breakfast was devoured, Darby put on his big-boy underwear.

For the most part, he had a good day.  Of course, he never tells me when he has to go potty.  I have to ask him every 30-45 minutes.  However, we were fortunate not to any accidents-thus far.  I even put him down for naptime in his underwear.

DAY #1
7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. no accidents.  YEAH!

After snack time, we went to play with our cousins at Grandma Mimi's house.

Darby enjoyed getting to play with his cousins.  

Scout and Ryder share the same red noses.  Scout also LOVES the rocking chair.

I was able to get them all to sit for a photo!  It's just sad that Taylor and Aiden were missing.


It is tradition that the Mimi's bathe the boys after mealtime.  What fun!

Did I mention Scout loves this chair???

Darby stayed in his underwear the entire time at Grandma Mimi's house with no accidents.  Then Darby thought it would be a good idea to hit Adam.  Of course, Darby was put in time out.  Once he was placed in the time out chair-he had his first accident of the day.  Our child is like a dog.  Once you scold them-they urinate.  Oh well, it was an easy clean up.

Time to go home, go to bed, and start fresh tomorrow morning.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Let the fun begin.

Yeah!  It's spring break.

This week I am determined to catch up on rest and start reading my books (Christmas presents).  The yearbook is finished, so now I have time to relax, enjoy the kids, and read.

Regan is going to edit and tweak his portfolio for National Boards.

Darby is going to be potty trained.

Scout is going to say bye-bye to her pacifier.

Ugh.  It's spring break.  I mean...yeah!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Burp. Blah. Icky. Hehe.

I can honestly say I have a GREAT birthday weekend.  I finished the yearbook; I spent Saturday evening with a great group of friends; I was able to hang out with my family without being on the computer-working; I had time.

Today, we took the kiddos to Coraline, which was amazing with the exception of one awkward scene.  Scout didn't quite make it past the credits, because she wanted to play.  Darby, on the other hand, was thrilled to be watching "TV" on a big screen.  He also felt is was necessary to be a personal commentator throughout the film.  In case anyone in the theatre was hard of hearing, Darby repeated most lines.  It was, of course, adorable.

On our way home, Darby started having trouble breathing.  He started grunting.  Then he burped.  Once he burped the floodgates opened-projectile vomit all over the back seat.  It was seriously like the Exorcist.  Of course, we had to take a photo!

Once we made it home, Regan was on car duty, while I put Darby and Scout in the tub.  I decided to take Scout out first.  Once she was out of the tub Darby puked again-in the tub.  So, I let Scout go while I cleaned Darby and the tub.  When I went into the bedroom to get Scout, I found her playing with her poop.  NICE!!!  Bath-time again.

I must say, I love these memories.  I can't wait to share these stories with them-and their friends-as they get older.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's over.

Friday, March 6th:

We woke up and started the day off like normal.  However, this morning was the first morning I was able to catch both Darby and Scout reading at the same time.  Normally, Scout tries to fight with Darby over anything he happens to have in his position-including books.  Yet, this morning both children were content with their very own book.  I knew this was a sign...I was going to achieve great things today.

As most of you know, when I took over the yearbook class at Central-January 15th-90% of yearbook had NOT BEEN STARTED.  The deadline for a COMPLETE yearbook is March 9th (Monday).  My goal was to complete the yearbook before my birthday, March 7th.

Me, and some of my yearbook kiddos worked all day Friday.  Finally at 9:30, I told them to go to bed.  Then I continued to work until 3:15 a.m.  I didn't quite finish before my birthday, but WE DID FINISH!  The yearbook is 100% complete!

I knew after watching both my children earlier in the morning being happy and content with their books, good things were about to happen-it did!  I can now breath, relax, and even SLEEP!

Whoo hoo!

Now, I need to start potty training Darby, while Regan finishes up his National Boards.  I am so proud of Regan, and I can't wait to celebrate once he mails off his Portfolio.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday celebration.

Since my mother is rarely in town, we celebrated my birthday dinner a little early.  She took the family to Shiki, and the kiddos behaved so well!

Darby and Scout both enjoyed watching the chef cook dinner and light food on fire.  Of course, Darby did not eat anything-seriously nothing.  Scout on the other hand ate like a pig.  She thoroughly enjoyed her food, my food, and grandma's food.

We had a great the restaurant.

Later on in the evening, Darby's temperature read 102.  He vomited all over the floor, and then we ended up going to Mercy After Hours because of his breathing.  We just finished treatments and steroids just to start all over again.

This is our child on steroids:

10:00 pm
10:30 pm
11:00 pm

Such a joy!  At least we don't have to continue the steroids this time.  We only have two sick children instead of one.