Sunday, April 26, 2009


This has been a very busy week.

We have spent the week preparing and planning for Tallerico's shower, enjoying our first official game of kickball, and watching the kids learn new and exciting things-words-moves, etc.

I have started running a little more frequently to get back into shape.  My goal is to be up to 5 miles by the end of May.  If I motivate myself, I know I can accomplish my goal.  I just have to be determined to REALLY motivate myself.  Maybe if I were to envision cleaning while I run...  All I know is that a friend of ours has started running every morning (no days off), and she has lost five pounds.  I think that is motivation enough.

Anyway, like I said, I have been running.  Thursday when I arrived at the house I discovered my family enjoying the weather outside.  

Later that evening, while we were preparing dinner, the kids continued to play and enjoy sibling time.

Sunday, the day of rest after celebrating Amanda and Jamie, we had a SURPRISE visit from my grandma.  When Regan said my Grandmother would be at the house in 30 minutes, I thought he meant my mother.  However, it was really my grandma-from Colorado.  What a GREAT treat!  It was really nice seeing grandma and having her see the kids.

We went to Jason's Deli for lunch.  Then I decided my house needed to be cleaned.  I went all out: cleaning the walls, floors, windows, etc.  It was great.  I love the smell of bleach.  

Regan loaded up the kids and took them over to the Dortch's house to play.  Once I finished mopping the floors, I left and met them up for dinner.  Great cooks...I think I will just go there every night to eat.  Yum.

When we finally made it back home, Darby was playing with his letters.  I knew he could spell his name (verbally) leaving out the "R" at times.  However, he can REALLY spell his name.  He lined up the letters-looked at me-and said, "D-A-R-B-Y. Darby."  I was so proud!

My kids are growing up so fast.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009


At two years old, Darby has already begun to deliver the timeless adage of YOUR CHILDREN WILL REPAY YOU TEN-FOLD.  I am frightened.

When I came home yesterday afternoon, Scout and Darby were napping.  When the slumber was wearing thin, I crept into their room and rolled up Darby into my chest.  As he slowly brightened up, Darby looked up at me through blue children's sunglasses that he had been wearing during the ENTIRE nap.  

I asked Elanna, "Where did Darby get these glasses?"

"Well, the sunglasses were hanging of his face as I was loading-up the kids into the car.  I guess he picked them up in the play area at Quail.  Or he grabbed them from Children's Place or Journeys," she said.

"Are you telling me that our son is a shoplifter?!!" I exclaimed.

"Mmm...possibly so."

My son is a thief with crooked sunglasses.

Before the criminal snatched his prized possession, he and his sister spent the day running, jumping, laughing, and wrestling with Stokely, Josh, and Aubry Fudge!  Deirdre and Elanna looked on with an air of humor and satisfaction as their children wore themselves out.  After purchasing new Van's and giving Tori hugs at the shoe store, the kids headed home for naps. That is where my story began.  

Last night the Killackeys and the Dortchs broke some bread at Jason's Deli then hung out and played Wii at the Dortchs.  Cody, Cade, Cole, Darby, and Scout grouped building blocks and Wii remotes in different piles as the parents had to facilitate the sharing process.  Since Darby is now obsessed with being SO COOL, he quickly found Cody's 3-D glasses and a guitar and stood watching, posing.  Hilarious. 

This morning, thanks to On Demand-Havoc Music, Darby has been dancing up a storm to old Andrew W.K. and Hot Water Music videos.  Once again, hilarious.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Even with the rain, we enjoyed our Easter.

I realized I have allowed our busy schedule to keep me posting new photos.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We attended Crossings on Friday evening to hear the choir perform the message through song.  I am use to seeing plays; therefore, the music was a nice change.  We dropped the kiddos off in their selected age group rooms.  Darby and Scout were delighted to be dropped off and play with other children/toys.  When the service was over, we decided to pick Scout up first.  She was running around the room chewing on a toy, and then she turned to see Regan and I standing at the door.  All of a sudden she started to burst into tears.  It was as if someone had just beaten her.  Hilarious!  Darby on the other hand was just fine-staying or going.

We came home, put the kids to bed and enjoyed an evening of Thursday night TV from the Internet.  

The next day was beautiful!  Saturday Work Schedule (via Regan):
6:30am-7:00am--Attempt to put back to sleep two cranky, thirsty children that refused additional slumber and wanted to "go play" according to the eldest.  

7:00am-9:00am--Allow exhausted, lovely wife to sleep and cooked eggs and cinnamon rolls.  Feed and clean up children while brewing the strongest coffee known to man.

9:00am-9:30am--Relax on the couch with coffee, news, and Elanna while children tinker with art supplies and various books.  

9:30am-10:00am--Lie down on the ground so that Darby and Scout can pounce on my back while I think about how I need oil and gas to landscape the back yard.

10:00am-10:30am--Drive around Edmond picking up motor oil and listening to Little Stevie's Underground Garage.  Where else can you hear Little Richard and Glucifer back-to-back?

10:30am-11:30am--Pick-up, snap, break, and smash a trash bin of fallen branches in the back yard.  Subsequently scalp the back yard as pecans and twigs bite into my shins.

11:30am-12:30pm--Help Elanna feed Darby and Scout "mac and cheeeeeese!!  Clean up the kids and tire them out for a nap by chasing them through the kitchen as they shriek with laughter and bump into each other.

12:30pm-1:00pm--Plug in Nano, create playlist of Joan Jett, old Queens of the Stone Age, and The Hives.  Lace-up the Saconeys and stretch-out ME rickety joints.  

1:00pm-1:45pm--Run 4.75 miles through my neighborhood to Fink Park to Hafer Park and back again with Lola.

1:45pm-2:30pm--Walk around the block, cool down, shower-up, relieve Elanna of Darby and Scout, load the kids up in the red wagon, kiss Elanna goodbye as she heads off to run through Fink and Hafer, and begin the journey down 9th Street back to the famous Hafer!! 

2:30-4:30pm--Play at the park, meet up with Elanna after her run, and then head home discussing wear to have dinner for the evening.

5:00-6:30pm--Eat dinner at the Hideaway, and then do a "pop-in" at Uncle Ryan and Sara's house.

6:45-8:30ishpm--Watch Darby and Scout run around, enjoying a house with lots of open space.  Talk and chat with friends, while watching Darby and Scout kiss the dogs with open mouths.  Yuk.

8:45-9:00pm--Get the kids ready for bed.

9:00-12:30am--Hang out and chat, while preparing the baskets for the next morning.

Sunday was wet and gray, but you never be able to tell inside our house.  The kids woke up and were excited to see they were getting gifts.

Instead of hiding Easter eggs outside, we decided to hide them inside Grandma Mimi's house.  I wasn't quite sure how well they would do-or if they would be interested in finding the Easter eggs.  However, I was wrong.  After Friday (Easter egg hunt with Angie), Darby knew that prizes were inside the eggs.  Therefore, Darby throughly enjoyed finding the eggs and was ready to open all the eggs immediately.  If I had let him, he would have eaten ALL the chocolate in one sitting.

Scout on the other hand was more interested in the toys rather than finding the Easter eggs.  That is until she saw Darby eating chocolate.  Once the chocolate was discovered by Scout, she couldn't leave the eggs alone.  I even looked up once to see an unopened, bite size Reeses Pieces being chewed by Scout.  Yes, that would include the foil and paper. 

That night the children were on a chocolate high enjoying the evening.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Begins with New Technology!

Elanna was granted one new Macbook Pro and one new Macbook from Central Middle School's parent teacher organization. Therefore, we headed off to the Apple Store this weekend with Darby and Scout to purchase close to 4 G's of merchandise. Darby was enthralled with the enticing computers as one was demoing Star Wars Leggo which he has missed over the past months. While mommy hung out lining-out the order, Darby and I strolled around the mall running into various acquaintances and students. "Mimi Killackey," Aunt Susie, and Grandma Mimi met us up at Penn Square so they could steal Scout away from us and smudge-up her face with lipstick. She giggled and squealed as usual, and we all met up shortly later at Pepperoni Grill. A little lunch, back to pick up the laptops, and cautiously load up the kids so we could get home and play...

Kids napped, Elanna set up her new gems, and I when skateboarding for the first time in nearly a year. After a couple of nose slides and bowl carves it was back to throwing kids into the air and wrestling on the living room floor.

The end of the year seems to be smoothing out as Elanna plays with new programs on the pro-book and I train my students to tear-up the AP Literature Exam.

I will leave you with Darby's run to and return from the hot tub at The Hilton from the end of Spring Break 2009!!

We think it is hilarious, and I think you will agree.