Monday, June 29, 2009

More Summer Fun.

Art time at home, or as Darby would say, "Ein Van Gogh Mama."

Science Museum Fun
Regan on a segway.
Elanna on a segway.

The children has a BLAST! Darby throughly enjoyed the planets. He can name each planet, and knows the order. He also knows people live on "ERF." Scout enjoyed running wild and not being in a stroller.

The kiddos had a WONDERFUL time at Eric and Jessica's Wedding. It was beautiful, and Jessica was so smart to blow up balloons for the kids.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Fun.

Scout is always ready to leave the house.

Darby likes to show off his muscles.

Scout loves being outside.

Darby has conquered his fear of dinosaurs, thanks to Max and Caster.

Scout enjoys the zoo.

Killackey Living-room of FUN!

Daddy enjoys back-walking time.

Scout is learning dance moves, while Darby tackles the couch.

Snack time by the pool side.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quotes and Events

At the mall, Darby motions to Aiden and myself to stay put then says:

"O.K.  I be right back."

At the zoo, I took Darby to see the dinosaurs.  With a death grip around my neck, I took him out the emergency exit.  When he calmed down, he spoke through mild tears:
"Dinosaurs not happy with me."

Scout was bit by a spider and had an allergic reaction.  Due to her medicine she is not allowed to be outside until TUESDAY!  Today is only Saturday.  So, I am trying to keep her busy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Killackey Fun

Regan and I took our very first vacation together-ALONE (aka without children)-to Ohio for a friend's wedding.  It was absolutely wonderful!  We had a fabulous time with friends, but mainly each other.  However, I excited to return home to my beautiful babies!!!

Ever since we have been back home it has been Killackey fun.  Taylor and Aiden are in town (without parents)-so, of course we are loading the kids up on sweets, fun, sun, etc.  Hear are some highlights:
Merry-go-round fun.

Taylor smiles.

Kids pose in their favorite play area at Mimi and Papa's house.



Darby running around at the mall.

Aiden acting like a pirate.

Boys being boys.

Darby and Aiden playing video games.


Scout loving life.

Darby and Ryder enjoying ladybugs.

Taylor's Fort

Aiden playing peek-a-boo.

Daddy playing with his son.

Scout bathing with the boys.