Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow...summer is gone, school has started, and we are behind!

This has been a crazy whirlwind trying to adjust to new schedules and be prepared for school all at the same time! I have been so behind on the blog, that I would never make it back---but, Sara Walker inspired me. She seems to always be busier than me. So, if she has time to sit down and catch people up her blog, so can I-right?

Regan and I started back to school, and I am so excited because my room was remodeled over the summer. It looks GREAT! However, I didn't get to unpack my room until Friday evening (literally). School started Tuesday. Even with the rough start, my classes are going rather smooth. I love my kiddos, and I am even more excited about my Yearbook staff! They rock this year. I am also coaching Volleyball after school, and I am having a blast!

Regan is doing well. He is still teaching regular Junior English and two section of AP Literature. His classes are going very well. We have been trying a NEW workout system since we are both so busy once school is finished. I have been getting up at 4:50 every morning to go run, and then Regan goes to workout after I get home. So far, we have been doing really well with the new schedule. I am impressed that I have the energy to stay awake all day.

Darby and Scout are perfect as perfect can be. They are both growing and learning so fast. It is insane to see how fast they develop and how fast their minds expand. We had such a wonderful summer hanging out together that it was a little difficult for them to go back to daycare. However, our daycare provider is amazing-and they love her. What more could you ask for?

Here are a few photos we took at Stokey's birthday party. We celebrated BATMAN style, and the kids had a ball. It was also nice to talk with friends I haven't seen in FOREVER. Sheesh having kids really takes away your social life. LOL!

Regan takes the kids to daycare every morning, since I have to at work before him. I guess they were waiting on Daddy to finish getting ready???

My kids and I love Unpluggits. I just wish we could play for free!

Puppet Show

Painting time.

Swimming time.

Darby with the Dragon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer is almost GONE...

This summer has been fast and fun! We have done so much and spent so much time together as a family. It has been WONDERFUL!

Regan an I have also been spoiled this summer. Both of us received iPhones. I also thought iPhones were such a waste, but now that I have one-I can't imagine not having one. I LOVE my phone. I have added all these different apps, and Darby is learning how to spell words(simple words-but he is still learning). Unfortunately, the iPhone has kept me off the computer AND OFF THE BLOG PAGE-YIKES!

Therefore, I wanted to take some time and actually download some photos that we have taken from our iPhones...enjoy!

Regan has been spending this past week with the kids while I work at the school. I was in charge of Tiger Camp for the in-coming students (which was a success even with the rain).

You can tell he has done his best to get out of the house...zoo, pool, museums, etc.

We have also spent the summer hanging out with Max and Caster, Ryan Walker's boys. There are precious and helpful when it comes to having two little ones around.

Needless to say, we do take many photos with our new handy-dandy iPhones, but we have slacked on the job at getting photos up for the family to see. Sorry...

Just brushing our teeth before bedtime.

"Here kitty, kitty."

The Dark Killackeys

I like visiting the Walker's house!

Yep, it is confirmed-the Walker's house ROCKS!

"Sorry, Tinkerbell, I cannot make that appointment."

Watching movies at Mimi's house.

Watching movies at Grandma Mimi's house.

Scout dressed up as Snow White, but insisted on wearing Darby's Pirate hat.

Darby did not like his pirate hat and insisted on taking it off.

Needless to say, this really has been a great summer. I will be sad to see the summer dissolve, but I am thankful to get back to work soon. We love you all!