Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Part 1

My Aunt Michelle came to visit, from Colorado this weekend. My mother also made an appearance to Oklahoma...I jokingly type this, because as most of you know she is always gone/traveling with work.

We had a fantastic weekend! I never knew we had so much to do in Edmond, OK. I was surprised we were so busy with activities and events. It made it very nice, because we had so much to show my Aunt Michelle. I felt a little bad-our kids had terrible coughs and runny noses, but they did great.

Once again, I will share the story through a photo journal.

Friday night we took the kids to Storybook Theatre. Regan and I had never been, but we have always heard how great the place was for children. When we arrived, we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows. Next time, I will dress the kids up in their Halloween costumes.

We finished eating, and the kids actually ate very well. Thus, we started the adventure through the forrest.

Darby and Scout enjoyed getting their treats from the characters. Both of them caught on quick-if you say Trick or Treat, candy goes into your bucket. Now, I am really looking forward to Halloween this year.

This was just a great moment-showing their curiosity.

When we finished walking through the forrest, we took a hayride. Brrrr....

Saturday evening, we dressed the kids up in their costumes and took them to Big Truck Taco and the Ghoul Parade in Oklahoma City.

They are so cute.

Regan and I also dressed up for the occasion. We decided to be political...I think we were the only ones who found it entertaining.

Scout loved her Yoda hat, and she refused to take it off-even when we got home.

My mom, as usual, was cold before the sun went down. :-) My Aunt Michelle let my mom have her jacket. Sisters.

We sat with the Dortch's, who kids looked perfect! They were the Wizard of Oz theme: yellow brink road, lion, tin-man, and scarecrow.

This was right as the parade was starting.

Darby thought parts were rather entertaining.

Scout started to get sleepy, so she decided to snuggle with grandma and Aunt Michelle.

This is our crowd...YEAH, I can't wait until Amber has her baby!!!!

The following are just random photos that Regan took at the parade. I think my favorite is Corey Ayers (Knight) dressed as a female. Gorgeous.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Fun.

We had such a great weekend. We packed up the family and took a trip to Arkansas to visit Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jennifer, Taylor, and Aiden. Darby was thrilled! Everyday he asked, "We see Taylor and Aiden today?" The night before we left he was squealing for joy and dancing around. He misses his cousins a lot-I wish we lived closer.

Here is a little photo journal of our trip:

In order to help our sanity, we left at 4:00 a.m. The kids slept until almost 8:00 a.m. By then, our trip was half over, and it was time for breakfast. We stopped at Roland Cherokee Travel Plaza to eat and relax for a small moment. While eating breakfast, Darby blurt out, "Mama, I'm not getting any bigger." Regan and I couldn't control our laughter. Poor Darby almost said immediately, "Stop laughing at me." It was so adorable!

When we arrived in Arkansas, we were all so tired-nap time! That evening was eventful. Ryan had his swimmers over for a Jennifer Killackey meal-which means great food. I was so full that my tummy hurt.

The next day, Ryan checked Taylor and Aiden out of school early so we could hang out together. Ryan was able to get a golf cart and drive us around on campus. It was so much fun! We ate in the cafeteria and played in the gym.

That evening, we drove to Hot Springs and toured the town. One thing is for sure-Arkansas is beautiful!

Every time we get the boys-and girl-together, we feel it is important to take photos. Unfortunately, the kids don't always want to corporate. Normally, Scout is the handful and never sits still. Taylor, of course, is always perfect. Aiden and Darby, well it's always a surprise. For some reason, the middle pumpkin was jinxed-and Scout wanted to pose for every photo!

However, once we were able to let them run free at the University, they had a blast! They also had fun tattooing themselves. Taylor even let me know, "I want to look just like Uncle Regan." Mimi would be so proud! HAHA!!!

What a blast...

This weekend, we are fortunate enough to have my Aunt Michelle visiting from Colorado!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pizza and Pumpkins

This weekend has been a long, eventful weekend. For the first time ever, we took the kids to a birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese. Darby was thrilled. He kept telling me he was going to meet Mickey Mouse. Scout was just excited, because she saw how excited Darby was acting.

When we arrived, both children took off and forgot they had parents with them. Darby's favorite moment was getting to play some jungle game with Daddy and John. I thought it was slightly violent, but Darby didn't seem to mind. Scout just enjoyed walking up to random people and starring them down. Those of you that know her, know she does this fairly well. At one point I caught her stealing tokens from another kids cup.

They both had a great time, and it was a GREAT birthday party.

After the party, we decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins. They had such a wonderful time, and now we can't wait to carve them!!!