Friday, March 19, 2010


Between the yearbook deadline, testing, children, life, etc. things have been quite hectic. It is finally Friday of our Spring Break, and I am going to post a few photos. However, it is almost dinner time, and of course I am in a hurry. Therefore, I will do a little photo journaling. I mean, let's be honest, most people are too busy to read long blogs and would rather just look at photos.

We took the kids to the park earlier this month. It has been so cold out, that we really haven't been outside much. So, we took advantage of the nice day and went out.

I finally caved and let Darby get on the computer. He is actually very good. He loves his PBS, and I am excited that he learning new things.

We tried to celebrate St. Patty's Day. We took the kids downtown thinking there would be several activities. However, we were let down-there was nothing for children. So, we ate at mexican and enjoyed our time together with family and friends.

It's Spring Break, and I took the kids to Arkansas to see Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jennifer, Taylor, and Aiden. The kids have been so excited. I will definitely post more photos later.

Edmond Memorial Swine Week

This year Edmond Memorial raised $527,000 for Swine Week. This was an all-time record for Edmond Memorial. Students do various activities to raise money for their choice of charity. This year the money went towards the Jimmy Everest Foundation.

Part in raising money, teachers are asked to do different dares. Last year, Regan was dared to show tattoos for $600. This year, Regan was dared to GET a tattoo for $6000. Well, they raised $6000. So, I got to edit a video to be shown at the final assembly. It was quite fun.

Here is Regan's video: