Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summertime Fun!

Summer has arrived, and it is already a hot-busy one.

Regan and I put our house up for sale. We need something much bigger. 808 square feet just won't cut it anymore with the two of us, our two children, and a dog. Although I am excited about change, I am also nervous and anxious not knowing what to expect or how long this process will last. Lord willing, it would be great to be out of our house and into a new one before the summer is up...

Thank goodness we have our children to keep us level headed. They are just amazing and keep us in such high spirits. Everyday I realize how blessed we are for two wonderful, healthy children.

We have done our best to keep the kids super busy and active. They are staying in school (since we have to pay) for the summer, but we do take a few days off here and there to have fun!

In the photo below a bird flew and landed on Darby's head, while another bird peed on Ryan's back. It was hilarious. I cannot believe I captured the moment on my phone.

This is how dead ALL the kids were once we started our journey back home. They had a fantastic nap!!!

The kids are also enjoying pool time. We are trying to take them to the pool as much as possible. Last year, Scout was jumping in with no fear. This year, Darby is going under water and Scout refuses to get off the steps. We're just giving it time... Hopefully, by the end of the summer they will both be swimming.