Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summertime Fun!

Summer has arrived, and it is already a hot-busy one.

Regan and I put our house up for sale. We need something much bigger. 808 square feet just won't cut it anymore with the two of us, our two children, and a dog. Although I am excited about change, I am also nervous and anxious not knowing what to expect or how long this process will last. Lord willing, it would be great to be out of our house and into a new one before the summer is up...

Thank goodness we have our children to keep us level headed. They are just amazing and keep us in such high spirits. Everyday I realize how blessed we are for two wonderful, healthy children.

We have done our best to keep the kids super busy and active. They are staying in school (since we have to pay) for the summer, but we do take a few days off here and there to have fun!

In the photo below a bird flew and landed on Darby's head, while another bird peed on Ryan's back. It was hilarious. I cannot believe I captured the moment on my phone.

This is how dead ALL the kids were once we started our journey back home. They had a fantastic nap!!!

The kids are also enjoying pool time. We are trying to take them to the pool as much as possible. Last year, Scout was jumping in with no fear. This year, Darby is going under water and Scout refuses to get off the steps. We're just giving it time... Hopefully, by the end of the summer they will both be swimming.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

100 Years Young

Growing up as a child, I have-and still-admire my great grandmother. If I could be an 1/8 of the person she is... My entire life, she has been my hero-one that I have looked up too and wanted to follow. I have never seen a frown on her face. She only smiles and carries the biggest, warmest heart. Just to know her simply makes me a better person. She turned 100 this weekend! Being 100, she still looks amazing and continues to smile beautifully. I am so fortunate my children have had the honor to meet her and be a part of her life.

This is how our trip started. During the trip, the two youngest and one oldest fell asleep.

We woke in time to visit the Caverns. Scout thought the cave was cold and dark. She curled up in a ball on my lap.

Once our tour was over, they wanted us to spend $10 on a photo. We decided to take a photo of the photo for free. We are on the right side towards the back.

Then we made it to Marshfield for the celebration.

This is my grandmother. She is 100 years old! Below is 5 generations together. WOW!

For lack of sleep and no toys for HOURS...the children did GREAT!

We left the celebration to visit my great-grandfather, my uncle, and my sister in the family cemetery. I personally have only been to the gravesite three times. It was peaceful to be able to lay flowers, celebrate life, and remember those I continue to love.

After we returned to the hotel, it was thundering and raining. Therefore, the pool we PROMISED the kids was closed. So, we played in the hot tub. They thought they were in the pool, and that was all that mattered.

We decided to go eat at Hemingway's, which is located in the Bass Pro Shop. WOW!!! That place is like a zoo. We got to see turtles, ducks, fish, alligators, and a lot of stuffed creatures. We even took an elevator ride inside a waterfall. Needless to say, Scout freaked out! She did NOT enjoy the looking out the glass elevator. I think she thought we were going to fall in the water with the fish.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

News and Cuteness

Friday was bike to school/work day. One young man from Edmond Memorial High School organized this huge event for everyone to ride their bikes to school. There were meeting points all over Edmond at different times and finally merged together around Will Rogers Elementary. From what I gather, it was a huge success and a ton of people participated. Of course, since I WALK to school EVERYDAY, I opted out of riding a bike to work. However, Regan woke up 30 minutes earlier than normal to help the environment...and RIDE. And, of course, Regan made the front page of The Oklahoman.

Bike riding was not the only fun activities for Friday evening. I went to pick up the kids from school a little early, because they had a hair appointment. I love picking up my kids from school; they make me feel so loved. Every time I walk into the room I hear, "Mooommm!" Then they come running with open arms ready to hug me. I cherish these moments, because I know they will be gone soon.

However, I received a different-unusual-response this time. Once Darby saw me, he stood up to announce-to me and the entire room, "Mom, I hurt my penis right here." Then he spreads his legs and points to his penis. Then he continues his story, "Miss Megan look at it, Mom." He then crossed his arms, nodded with approval, and ended with, "She did well."

At first I was taken back, but then I busted out laughing. VERY QUICKLY, the teacher explained to me he fell on the balance beam, landing straight on his scrotum. And, seeing as to how he was freaking out, they decided to check and make sure he wasn't bruising or anything. I did have to sign an accident report, but I am still laughing-even 24 hour later.

We did make it in time for their haircuts. Darby is such a big boy now, and Scout is just adorable!